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i am posting this stuff tomorrow morning on the sales comm, so if you want dibs call it now!

+ I ship from Seattle, WA, USA.
+ Paypal Only! No Echecks!
+ My buying/selling feedback can be found in the [livejournal.com profile] eglfeedback community here,
+ If you would like insurance, please let me know!
+ Shipping and fees are not included, and it will depend on where you are located. This is used to calculate paypal fees, including cross border payments
+ Shipment will occur within one business day from payment. I will ensure that you receive all tracking notifications, and customs forms via scanned receipts and/or paypal.
+ I can mark things down for international customs if need be, but you cannot insure the items for the full amount if you do this.
+ All Items are professionally cleaned before sale.
+ I will consider best offers, but be reasonable.

ETC French Biscuit JSK in Ivory
The rare classic with fully shirred back. Very hard to find. I am the second owner of it and there are no flaws. Buttons have been moved to lengthen the straps (as you can do on most strappy ETC dresses). $450


ETC Chocolatier Bunny JSK
2013 release that sold out. Charcoal grey with a shirred back. Has sparkly gold accents. Buttons have been moved to lengthen the straps (as you can do on most strappy ETC dresses). No flaws. $250

Emily Temple Cute Chocolate JSK in Charcoal


ETC Playing Cards JSK
Most recent ETC release that sold out. Gorgeous black chiffon with an adorable motif of playing cards and bunnies. Fully shirred back. Tags still on, brand new, only been tried on indoors. $290

stock (so you can see how it lays)
blind reserved the new etc trump a few weeks ago. now I don't think I like the cut of it. Mehhhh


ETC Umbrella JSK
Cute and super comfy. Unshirred but one of the ETC sack dresses so it fits a wide range of sizes. Purchased second hand. $130

ETC Umbrella Print JSK in Grey



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